Monday, December 8, 2014

I apologize for the lack of posting here recently!
A brief update---I am tentatively scheduled to return to Saratov and SVRIA to teach business as part of NVCCs M.O.U. with SVRIA---and will hopefully be the first participant in our fledgling faculty exchange program. This will likely take place in February, and I hope to continue efforts in  developing distance learning classes and future faculty exchanges with our SVRIA partners.

Here in Northern Virginia, Final exams are approaching. Students are all stressed, worried, and trying to mitigate the perils of procrastination. I try to be as kind and understanding as I can.....
I have at least 25 hours of grading to do before it is over!

In a few days my wife Janet and I will be joining old friends on the Caribbean island of Bonaire for a brief respite from the ravages of every day life. Photos to follow.

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