Sunday, June 12, 2016

The honorable Imam of Jurbel Mbaye Ngirane. We spent 2 hours with him in his home and his Mosque. This was a big deal

Imam Ngirane is the head of the Sufi Mouride order in Senegal. He was a warm, funny, and generous man. We sat on the floor in his home and asked questions. He showed us how to sharpen a pen with a knife and gave us an example of Ajami calligraphy. Hopefully more to come on this. He seemed to have a large family. While we were there the phone rang a couple of times--he answered. Fallou explained that he is always on call---as the foremost expert on the Mouride founder(Sheikh Amadou Bamba)---these are often important spiritual questions. At one point his wife enters, points at the scores of pictures on the wall, and indicates a younger picture of him, laughing and saying he was much more handsome then.



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