Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesday 9/20 first class

I began my real job again today---a section of BUS 100, introduction to business. First day is usually just me talking AT the students, but they are already full of enthusiasm. As usual, I walked away after almost 3 hours feeling as if I am useful. My mood is good. One of my students is a young man from St. Petersburg, Russia, and we had a great time talking about my time there last semester.

I am going to visit my friend and former student Denis in about 1/2 hour---at his new business, the Golden Glove Lounge. He and Patrick, another former student are well on the way to entrepreneurial success. Nothing could make me prouder.

At NVCC we have instituted a new policy: You cannot register for any courses this semester after last night at midnight---you are also dropped almost immediately after you register if you do not pay tuition. Brilliant. There are issues everywhere.

And we are trying to INCREASE enrollment!!!! fancy that.

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