Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday May 14

Today I had the opportunity to participate in an English class here at the Institute, taught by a very curious, friendly young man named Denys. It was the last class of the semester---the students all did reports on student life at various colleges around the world---with powerpoints and some video. I talked a bit about NVCC-Loudoun---they are very curious about open access and the idea that we have a huge international student population. Afterwards we had a roundtable discussion where I answered a lot of questions. Everyone is very curious about what I think of Russia and I always have a good story to tell. They were kind enough to let me do my "Russian Faces" routine, so I took pictures too.

This Denys fellow really impressed me. He is a very good teacher. His students laugh and smile and talk. I love it when I discover people who love to teach. The people in this department with whom I am familiar---Victoria, Galina, and now Denys, are wonderful and committed teachers. The Institute here should be very pleased with the quality of their teachers.He(Denys) and I are going to try to do a an international student "book club" with regular skyping between Loudoun and Saratov.


  1. Great post Miguel. I can see the smile on their faces by reading your blog. Keep up the great work.